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Native Trees & Shrubsfor Communities, Habitat and Conservation

We take an ecological approach to horticulture, with function and habitat serving as key, rather than just aesthetics. Our goal is to provide trees that will contribute to a long-lived, healthy community forest.


For Landowners & Municipalities

We offer a full range of services for a successful project from start to finish.

Consult & Planning

Our Horticulturists can consult on project goals,  planning, and create a project timeline.

Contract Growing

For larger projects, we offer contract growing to ensure fewer substitutions and smoother project completion.

Conservation Plantings

Natives are key for providing food and shelter for many different types of wildlife.


Windbreaks play a vital role in protecting an acreage or farmstead from cold winds and blowing snow and dust.


Our knowledgeable staff is highly trained in proper tree planting and can complete your project in full. If your group wants to be involved, we offering a Planting Assist Package.


We offer annual maintenance for young trees, including a watering program for the first year to ensure survivability and long term success.


Schedule deliveries directly to the project site or community, when you are ready for it. Available throughout the Midwest.

Visit the Nursery

Visit the nursery and our knowledgeable staff can help in choosing just the right plants for your project. Hours: Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm.

What's the best plant for... ?

About Great Plains Nursery

Great Plains Nursery is a family owned business located near Weston, Nebraska. Brian and Heather Byers started in the business in 2008 with a passion for growing and planting native trees and shrubs and sharing the importance of native plants for the ecosystem. They feel a strong sense of stewardship and pride in being ecologically responsible in contributions to the environment.

Join the Team

Join our family-owned business – we live and work in rural Nebraska!

Ship Direct

Shop online for plants to be shipped directly to you for a flat rate of $25.

Planting Resources

Guides, publications, presentations and all the support you’ll need.

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