Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea)


Red Osier Dogwood is a beautiful shrub that is a great addition to the landscape. It has the capability of being a four-season of interest shrub. Medium-dark green obvate leaves emerge in the spring along with tiny, white, fragrant flowers which attract many pollinators. The flowers give way to white berries in the summer which provide food for wildlife, especially birds. In the fall, the leaves turn from red to orange and then eventually purple. And to complete the four-season of interest, Red Osier Dogwood’s stems are a bright red.

You can find Red Osier Dogwood thriving in organically rich, fertile, consistently moist soils in full sun to part shade. It can tolerate deer, erosion, clay soils, and wet soils.


Map courtesy of the USDA-NRCS Plant Database.

Photos courtesy of Native Plants PNW & East Oregonian



Additional information

Scientific Name

Cornus sericea






Medium to dark green



Fall Foliage

Orange to red, Red, Red-purple


1 gallon

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