A healthy plant starts with the root system. Our Great Plains Method™ is centered on the highly specialized RootMaker® containers that allow us to alter the root system of a tree to become more fibrous.

So what are these specialized Rootmaker® containers?
These root pruning containers create fibrous root systems in 3 ways: using Air (RootMaker®), Constriction (Knit fabric tree bags), or Trapping (RootTrapper®). These containers are designed to promote root branching and new roots at every phase of nursery production, whether above-ground, in-ground, or even in-pot. This results in a root system that has a greater surface area than conventional production, and therefore achieves greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients, an increase in growth rate, establishment, transplant survivability, and ultimately, superior performance for our customers.

The Rootmaker® containers aid us in growing a consistently fibrous, non-circling root system from propagation to finished tree. Our goal is to get as many root tips as possible, since they are doing all the work of absorbing water and nutrients. By increasing the number of root tips, we are increasing the surface area of the root system and in turn, seeing a healthier plant with accelerated growth, quicker establishment, and greater survivability. These techniques not only work well on native mid-west trees, but helps any type of tree or plant flourish.

This system, developed by Dr. Carl Whitcomb of Oklahoma State University, boasts 40+ years of science and research that has gone into developing these patented containers. The containers promote root branching by air pruning in the strategically placed holes and also by constriction with the patented fabric in the RootTrapper® bags. This is a completely new technology for the nursery industry and no other “container system” on the market compares.

What makes the Rootmaker® Growbags better than all the others on the market?
We often get asked why we like the Rootmaker® System so much… the answer is simple, it’s in the results! This system of modified containers enables us to grow some fantastic trees!

Buzz words like “Grow bag” or “Air-pruned” or “Root Beneficial Method” are all used to describe this type of improved, modified growing system. And, as with any good product, there will be plenty of imitators showing up on the market. We have trialed almost all of them to compare and without a doubt, we are still a dedicated Rootmaker® Grower. We trust the quality and science behind the system.

We are a RootMaker® Growing System PLATINUM Certified Grower

Benefits of using Rootmaker

  • Create a fibrous, non-circling root system. (without toxic chemicals)
  • Promote horizontal root branching.
  • Greater efficiency of water and nutrient absorption.
  • Accelerates plant growth, increases vigor.
  • Complements a variety of production methods above ground, in-ground, or in-pot.
  • Wide range of sizes. (propagation to large containers)
  • Each fibrous root system complements the next.
  • Creative solutions for water conservation, insulation, and blow-over.
  • Plants are equipped for rapid transplant success and long-term health.
  • Researched and patented.
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