Grand Traverse Hazelnut (Corylus avellana x colurna)


This highly anticipated hybrid hazelnut is a cross between a Turkish tree hazel hybrid named ‘Faroka’ with an unknown European hazelnut – That makes it 75% Corylus avellana and 25% Turkish tree hazel. Developed by Cecil Farris and first described in 1989. EFB resistant and cold hardy in Nebraska which is Zone 5. Nuts mature in September. Needs a compatible pollinator to get nuts – options are, ‘The Beast’ (available in 2020/21), or planting 2-3 American Hazelnuts. It has an average nut size between 5/8”- ¾”, a kernel wt of 1.3g and is nuts are 40% kernel. Last data showed about 11 lbs per tree avg. Can grow up to 15’ tall and 10’ wide.
Check out the Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative for info on orchard design, pruning etc.
Planting an orchard? – Call for bulk discount pricing.
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Scientific Name

Corylus avellana x colurna









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