Hybrid Hazelnut (Corylus avellana x americana)


Hybrid Hazelnut is a cross between American Hazelnut and European Filbert. It is a great shrub to use in landscapes and for wildlife and bird habitat. Like other hazelnuts, it flowers March through May before the leaves emerge. Large hazelnuts are then produced July through September. Hazelnuts are monoecious (male and female flowers are on the same plant) but are self-incompatible (can’t self-pollinate) so it is required to have multiple plants for hazelnuts to be produced. This hazelnut is a great pollinator for Grand Traverse Hazelnut and The Beast Hazelnut.
Check out the Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative for info on orchard design, pruning etc. https://www.midwesthazelnuts.org/
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Scientific Name

Corylus avellana x americana









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