Western Sandcherry (Prunus besseyi)

Western Sandcherry is a small winter hardy shrub that grows to a height and width of 5-6′. It is a three season interest shrub that displays white fragrant flowers in the spring that are followed by purplish black fruits in the summer. The fruits are edible and can be eaten fresh, dried or in jellies and jams. They are also favored by many birds and other wildlife. The leaves turn a bright red color in the fall. This shrub is great to use in the shrub row of windbreaks and shelterbelts. It can withstand different factors such as drought, wind, soils and cold winters. Full sun.


Map courtesy of the USDA-NRCS Plant Database.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Prunus besseyi






Grayish green

Fall Foilage


Native to

Great Plains Region

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