Raritan Hazelnut (Corylus avellana US PP32,460 P2)


One of the new Rutgers pure Corylus avellana selections, ‘Raritan’ is “[A] cross of Oregon State University selections OSU 539.031 x OSU 616.018, it is high yielding with medium size, round kernels that blanch well after roasting. Most kernels are 12–14 mm in diameter with an average weight of 1.14 grams and 48% kernel by weight. ‘Raritan’ is a very vigorous tree with an upright growth habit and a very high level of tolerance to EFB (quantitative resistance).” ‘Raritan’ has S-alleles 3, 22. ‘The Beast’ (S8 S23) and ‘Grand Traverse’ (S11S25) are compatible pollinizer partners. Blooms in early to mid-season where it was selected in New Jersey. In more continental areas, flowering time can be delayed, but will still match up well with ‘The Beast’ and ‘Grand Traverse’. Nuts typically drop the first to second week in September. Care should be taken when planting in zone 5 to avoid areas that experience cold north or west winds in winter (they dry out branches, causing dieback). Planting not advised for zone 4 or below.
Plants will be available in Spring 2023. Accepting pre-orders now.
Planting an orchard? – Call for bulk discount pricing!
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Corylus avellana 'US PP32,460 P2'









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