Hybrid Chestnut (Castanea dentata x mollissima)


The Hybrid Chestnut is growing rapidly in popularity among habitat developers. This fast grower starts producing nuts at age 4-5 and has a consistent nut set each year. The sweet nut is an excellent food source for deer, turkey, black bear and other wildlife. It performs best in moist, well-drained, loam soils in full sun and can tolerate hot, humid summers. Soft green and pubescent underside leaves appear in spring while creamy white monoecious flowers appear in late spring and are quite fragrant. The edible nuts follow the flowers and are encased in a spiny dehiscent bur that is 2-3″ in diameter and produces 2-3 nuts per bur. Hybrid Chestnuts are resistant to the devastating Chestnut Blight.

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Additional information

Scientific Name

Castanea dentata x mollissima






Soft Green



Fall Foliage

Golden yellow

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