Red Maple (Acer rubrum)


Red Maple is one of the many popular maples of the eastern and central US. With a rounded, oval crown it grows between 40-70′ tall and 30′-50′ wide. Red Maple can tolerate many conditions such as wet soils, juglone produced by Black Walnut trees, cold temperatures, and air pollution but prefers full sun to part shade in medium to wet soils that are slightly acidic. Pollinators visit their flowers in the spring (March-April) and the maple seeds are an important food source for many wildlife. Red Maple is also an important riparian buffer plant due to its tolerance to wet soils and it erosion control capabilities. The sap is sometimes used to make syrup and the wood is used to make furniture, tools, musical instruments, and many other things. The Native Americans used the bark for medicinal purposes, and the pioneers used the bark to make brown and black dyes.



Map courtesy of the USDA-NRCS Plant Database.

Photos courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden



Additional information

Scientific Name

Acer rubrum






Medium to dark green



Fall Foliage



1 gallon

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